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These Are the Best Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the US

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by Henry Miller Mar 9, 2018

St. Patrick’s is a beloved mess of a holiday across the United States, but some US cities are exceptionally good at celebrating St. Patrick’s without too much wanton chaos. Locals have long argued who celebrates the unofficial drinking holiday of the year best: Boston or New York City.

Turns out, it’s neither. A new scientific study from Wallet Hub graded 200 US cities based on the quality of their St. Patrick’s celebrations. After examining things like the number of Irish pubs per capita, the average weather forecast the week of the holiday, and the number of St. Patrick’s Day events held throughout the city, the authors report that Chicago is the best city in the States to drink green beer and belt out the Dropkick Murphys. Buy your bus tickets for March 17th and shamrock shot-glass necklaces now.

Editor’s Note: Hover over the dots on the map to zoom in to the denser regions.

The top ten best cities for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations:

Chicago, IL
Boston, MA
Philadelphia, PA
Buffalo, NY
New York, NY
San Francisco, CA
Fort Collins, CO
Tampa, FL
Madison, WI
Pittsburgh, PA

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