Photo: Rubens Kress & Mulholland

The Best Countries in the World for Risk-Taking Travelers

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by Henry Miller Feb 22, 2018

Your mom would probably prefer that you didn’t wingsuit off the lip of a volcano into a bi-plane, but if you insist on being the wildest adventure traveler around, there are steps you can take to make her feel more at ease. RK&M did some research on the countries most likely to draw out risky behavior through tourist activities (e.g. discount bungee jumping), and compared that risk to data on safety standards, medical access, and the reliability of the court system. So, while Jamaica can provide quality medical care to tourists, it may not have the same variety of challenging and adventurous activities that can be found in Thailand. The best country for engaging in risky behavior without putting too much in the hands of fate? Australia.

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