If there’s one place to really escape the harsh reality that physical booksellers are on the decline, it’s this luxury eco resort in the Maldives. A bookshop near the Soneva Fushi resort is looking for someone to fill a three-month role, in what is possibly the most unique bookseller position of all time. Philip Blackwell, of the famous bookseller family that operates the shop, admitted to The Guardian, “The pay is derisory but the fringe benefits unparallelled. It’s a dream job for many people. If I was 25 again I would do it.”

In addition to having a passion for books, the successful applicant should be prepared to write a blog that captures the life of a desert island bookseller, and be able to engages guests of all ages — including, most likely, a few celebrities. The bookseller may also be expected to host creative writing courses for guests.

Perhaps the biggest perk of the job is getting to live near the exclusive resort, on a beautiful white sand beach. Neill Denny, joint editor of BookBrunch, where the job was originally posted, described the position as “very much a niche in a niche, selling quality books to the super-rich, but they are starting to appreciate the discreet charm of a good book. And of course they have the money to pursue it, building entire libraries from scratch.”

The bookshop, which will stock books reflective of the local environment, as well as the interests of wealthy tourists, is a new experiment for Blackwell. He gave up running his bookstore chain in the UK in 2006, and now creates library collections for resort hotels. “It’s a gap year project that’s still going on,” Blackwell said, adding that the Maldives isn’t exactly oversaturated with bookshops.

H/T: The Guardian