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Independent Bookshops in England Are Offering Home Delivery During the Coronavirus Crisis

by Eben Diskin Mar 19, 2020

As libraries close during the coronavirus crisis and bibliophiles find it more difficult to get their fix, independent bookshops in England are trying to make books accessible to as many people as possible. Much like restaurants that have been forced to shutter, several independent bookshops in Britain are getting creative to keep their business afloat and their customers reading, doing everything from delivering books to your door to helping you craft a recommended reading list for your virtual book club.

London children book store Pickled Pepper Books, for example, is encouraging people to message them on Twitter with the last book(s) their child loved and their age. In response, they will drop three books at your door in a clean paper bag, and send you a PayPal link for payment. Beehive Books in Norfolk is offering a 15 percent discount on all orders, as well as “self-isolation reading packs” for those stuck at home. These packs, which cost $52 each, are customized to your literary genre of choice and will include five books designed to keep you occupied.

And if you’re lucky enough to live within 10 miles of The Stripey Badger in North Yorkshire, you can get books delivered right to your door, along with a complimentary scone from their bakery.

A more complete list of bookshop delivery services is available on the Penguin Random House website, or you can use the Booksellers Association search tool to find details about your local bookshop.

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