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Boy Buried for 40 Minutes After an Avalanche Miraculously Found Alive

by Eben Diskin Dec 28, 2018

It was a lucky holiday for this 12-year-old boy and his family this Wednesday at La Plagne ski resort in France. The boy and his family had just finished a run of skiing when he got caught in an avalanche, and was dragged about 110 yards. He was buried in the snow for 40 minutes before being miraculously found alive. A rescue worker told RTE, “It’s a miracle because he had no victim detection device. The chances of survival are miniscule after 15 minutes under the snow.”

The boy was the only one caught in the avalanche. Sniffer dogs helped finding him quickly, and luckily, the snow didn’t block the boy’s airways, allowing him to survive long enough for rescue crews to locate him. He did, however, sustain a broken leg and was taken to a nearby hospital in Grenoble.

Captain Patrice Ribes, of the Bourg Saint-Maurice police, echoed the rescue worker’s sentiment on the improbability of the rescue. “We can call it a miracle,” he told ABC News. “A day after Christmas, there was another gift in store.”

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