Photo: Courtesy of Katie Davis

10-Year-Old Boy Saves Struggling Kayaker Drifting Out to Sea

by Eben Diskin Jun 23, 2020

Everyone’s heard the expression, “not all heroes wear capes.” Well, apparently a lifejacket will suffice. Ten-year-old Jay Springall from Devon, England, overheard a conversation about a kayaker in distress and immediately dropped what he was doing and motored out in his boat to save her.

He found the woman in the water, hanging on her kayak and drifting out to sea. He tried to get on board using a ladder but she was too weak to climb, so he tied her kayak to his boat and towed her to shore, where a lifeboat arrived to complete the rescue.

“I am a very proud mum,” said Katie Davis, Jay’s mother. “He was so brave doing what he did. The currents are quite strong there and he was not sure about himself at first, but he did the right thing.”

Jay is young, and the water in that area can be treacherous, but the 10-year-old spends most of his spare time on the water with his parents, so he is familiar with the currents, which equipped him to lend a hand.

The kayaker came to visit Jay later on to thank him for his heroic actions and bring him some gifts.

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