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Celebrities Call for the Boycott of Brunei-Owned Hotels

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by Eben Diskin Apr 3, 2019

In what seems like a something from the Middle Ages, Brunei — a small nation on the island of Borneo — has introduced a new, strict penal code that makes gay sex and adultery punishable by stoning to death.

According to the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner, the death penalty will apply for offenses such as rape, adultery, sodomy, extramarital sexual relations for Muslims, robbery, and insult or defamation of the Prophet Mohammad.

Homosexuality in Brunei was already punishable by up to 10 years in prison, but now individuals accused of certain homosexual offenses will be subject to a range of new, medieval punishments. Lesbian sex, for example, is now punishable by 40 strokes of the cane and/or 10 years in jail; the sanction for theft is amputation. Public flogging will be the punishment of choice for abortion.

The new measures have prompted many around the world — most notably George Clooney and Elton John — to call for a boycott of luxury hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei.

The sultan owns Brunei Investment Agency, which oversees some of the world’s top hotels.

On Twitter, Ellen DeGeneres shared a list of hotels owned by the sultan, which she calls to boycott.


H/T: BBC News

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