Photo: Homes For Heroes Foundation

Calgary Built a Tiny Home Village for Homeless Veterans

Calgary News Activism
by Eben Diskin Nov 19, 2019

Former members of the armed forces often find it difficult to adapt to life outside the military, and unfortunately, homelessness has become all too common among veterans. This project in Calgary, Canada, aims to fight this issue by giving veterans affordable housing. Led by the Homes for Heroes Foundation, the initiative provides a village of 15 tiny homes to homeless Canadian veterans, as well as a range of services, including on-site counseling services.

The tiny homes and other resources are available for $600 a month, including home expenses such as heat, phone, and the like. Each home is 275 square feet, and includes a full kitchen, breakfast bar, workstation, full bathroom, and a living area with a sofa and Murphy bed.

The goal of the project isn’t just to provide housing, but to allow veterans to get the help they need, get a job, move out, and then return to the community to mentor new incoming veterans. There is no time limit on how long veterans can live in the tiny homes — they can stay until they get back on their feet.

Tenants began moving in on November 1, and right now all homes are filled. To live here, veterans must fill out an application and complete a needs analysis. Spaces are offered to those who the Homes for Heroes Foundation believes will benefit most from the program. If residents can’t immediately afford the $600, they won’t be required to pay until they have access to the funds.

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