Photo: Greenhorn Ranch

This California Guest Ranch Will Pay for Your Gas if You Book a Stay

by Eben Diskin May 26, 2020

The working guest Greenhorn Ranch in California’s Sierra Buttes is reopening on June 1, 2020, and it’s pulling all the stops for people to come and stay with them.

Jull Rivoli, the ranch’s general manager, explained in a statement that cleaning and social-distancing measures have been heightened at the ranch and that staff and owners are doing everything they can “to help everyone find a way to get outside, enjoy a family vacation, and reconnect for a little while.”

That includes the “Tanks for Staying” promotion. If you book a stay between August and October, the ranch will fill your tank as a way of saying thank you.

Founded in 1962, Greenhorn Ranch features 28 guest rooms, a saloon, dance hall, fly-fishing ponds, a pool, rodeo arenas, a fire pit, skeet shooting, 3D archery, horse riding lessons, and hundreds of miles of trails.

To promote social distancing, the property is installing new outdoor seating and offering more plated meal services.

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