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You Can Win a Trip to See the Royal Wedding by Signing Up for a Last-Minute Flight Alert to the UK

by Katie Scott Aiton Apr 10, 2018

The British royal family has long been an obsession within the US — 23 million viewers in the US tuned in to watch the coverage of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011 — but now you can take your love affair for the family out from your bedroom viewings of The Crown and actually travel to the next royal wedding for a measly few quid.

The recent engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is seemingly endless gossip fodder and many are willing to make to trip to the UK to be part of the big day and, let’s be honest, an epic UK-wide street party. Markle and Prince Harry are tying the knot on May 19 of this year, and many in the US are chomping at the bit to get a last minute flight deal.

According to travel site Kayak, flight searches to London from the US increased by 29 percent after the royal engagement was announced, in comparison to the day before. The site has even set up what they call a “Royal Price Alert” because so many people are searching for a good deal for flights to the UK for the occasion. The alert sends you an email when flight prices drop, and when you sign up for the alerts, you’ll also be entered to win a two-person trip to London.

As of today, the average fare the week before the wedding from New York to London via Kayak is $410. Los Angeles to London via Kayak with British Airways is $694, while budget carrier Norwegian Air UK has cheaper options from the West Coast for under $600. Couple these low prices with the current currency exchange and the trip could be easily done without breaking the bank, leaving you with enough money for a new hat.

There is no doubt that accommodation options might be tight at this point of the year, but Airbnb still has full houses and rooms to rent in easy travel distance to the wedding. If this is something you are considering seriously, rest assured it will be one hell of a trip. Whether you get close to the wedding or not, London will have the bunting out, Champagne at the ready, and many a street party.

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