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The Best CBD Products for Travelers, Tried and Tested

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by Nickolaus Hines Mar 14, 2019

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is said to relax your body, ease stress, and reduce inflammation and aches. All of which are problems that come up while traveling. So you have to ask, is it worth it to have some travel-ready CBD when you’re on the road? The answer is yes — if you know what to get.

While CBD isn’t legal in every state, it can be found in shops or shipped to the vast majority of homes in the US. There are some dud brands out there, however, thanks to CBD’s sheer popularity and lack of regulatory oversight. Any quality CBD product you can get your hands on, though, can be a savior for when you’re dealing with the downsides of travel. Even though it’s more complicated than it should be to fly with CBD, it’s worth weighing the pros and cons to taking CBD while traveling.

These are the best CBD products for travelers, tested by the Matador staff.

Superlost CBD Cold Brew

New York’s first ready-to-drink CBD Cold Brew, Superlost, is a powerful hit of caffeine with a calming dose of CBD. The coffee is single origin and is as sustainable and ethically sourced as you can ask for in a coffee brand. As a coffee company, not just a CBD coffee company, Superlost made a drink that’s as tasty as it is effective. If you drink your coffee strong, it’s good straight out of the bottle, but it’s thick and flavorful enough to serve over ice as well. This is one of our favorite CBD products when it comes to needing something to keep you alert throughout the day without the jitters.

What it’s good for: When you’re just off a long trip and need a pick-me-up.

Where you can find it: Superlost’s online store and New York City restaurants and bars like Roberta’s Pizza, Millie’s Cuban Cafe, Grimm Artisanal Ales. Full list of pickup locations can be found on the brand’s store location page.

Cost: $5 per bottle when purchased in a case of 12, $7 when purchased as a single at the store.


Mondo CBD

Photo: Mondo

Mondo CBD is an edible hemp powder mixed with theanine, an amino acid found in green tea. The brand added theanine because of its reputed effects to ease stomachs upset by caffeine, and the mixture in each jar is one part CBD to two parts theanine. Tapioca starch, coconut oil, and cacao butter fill out the rest of the ingredients. It’s easy to carry around and, unlike gummies, can be sprinkled on and in just about anything. We stirred a couple servings (Mondo recommends five milligrams CBD to start, and it comes with a mini serving spoon) into our coffee and tea, but the powder has a mild enough flavor to sprinkle right on your tongue if you’re on the go.

What it’s best for: When you have enough time to sit down and relax for a minute in your travels. The powder travels easy enough and is adaptable without looking like you’re dosing with anything you shouldn’t be by putting drops under your tongue. It’s also useful when you want to make those post-flight, jet-lag-fighting smoothies even better.

Where you can find it: Nationwide on Mondo’s online store. A THC version can also be purchased at dispensaries in California.

Cost: $60

Highline Wellness CBD Pain Cream

Highline CBD cream

Photo: Highline Wellness/Shutterstock

If you’re flying in economy or taking a long road trip, getting a cramped neck and stiff back are pretty much guaranteed. It’s the last thing you want to deal with — especially if you’re traveling to do outdoorsy things. CBD cream is here to help you. Highline’s cream is lightly cooling and pleasant smelling, and it quickly eases tense muscles. Think of it like your average post-workout cream, only better. Best of all, it’s not sticky and also won’t leave your skin feeling slick.

What it’s best for: Long travels. The one-ounce package means it’s carry-on friendly and easy to throw in your day bag.

Where you can find it: On Highline’s online shop.

Cost: $34.99

Highline Wellness Chews

Highline CBD chews

Photo: Highline Wellness/Facebook

Highline makes gummy bears along with the CBD cream and an oil. They’re addictingly tasty, but at 10 milligrams a bear, one to three is plenty. (Each canister contains 30.) Like the oil and cream that Highline makes, it’s made with full-spectrum cannabinoid hemp concentrate. Just note: The gummies are better than your average candy store gummy.

What it’s good for: A bit of something sweet when you’re in the doldrums of a long flight or car ride.

Where you can find it: On Highline’s online shop.

Cost: $34.99

Beam’s The One

beam cbd oil

Photo: Beam

Beam came onto the CBD scene in late 2018. It’s derived from hemp, but the brand also uses a patented technology to remove every bit of THC that might be present. The brand was started by two athletes, one who played hockey and one who played baseball, both of whom had career-ending injuries. The brand’s oil line is the best of what CBD oil can be. There are dosage options — 250, 500, or 1,000-milligram bottles — and two flavors: natural, which tastes like a grassy oil, and mint. The oil is made with CBD oil, hemp oil, and grape seed oil (and peppermint oil for the mint).

What it’s best for: When you’re looking for a fast-acting CBD product. The oil can be ingested in a drink or applied under your tongue when you’re short time — say, before a flight.

Where you can find it: Beam’s online store.

Cost: $49.95 to $119.95, depending on the milligram level

Elevate Pain Relief Cream

Have you ever thought, “What if there was an Icy Hot that was just icy or just hot?” Elevate has that but with CBD. Whether you choose the cooling or heat variety, Elevate’s cream has just enough CBD to relax your tired, sore, travel-weary muscles. Each four-ounce container has 140 milligrams of CBD, which is a lower dose than many creams on the market. There’s always the option to apply more or more often if you’d like, but a simple nickel-sized amount rubbed on an aching neck is usually enough. The size, however, disqualifies it from being carry-on friendly.

What it’s good for: Sore necks and backs after a long car ride or when you’re home after a long flight.

Where you can find it: Elevate’s online store.

Cost: $39.99


Recess sparkling water

Photo: Recess/Facebook

Recess is almost too on-trend to seem real. The sparkling CBD water hits on all the trappings that stressed millennials love — a calming pastel color scheme, bubbly water, CBD, a very well-designed website, etc. — and comes in three flavors: Blackberry Chai, Pom Hibiscus, and Peach Ginger. It’s like La Croix but actually cool. Each can of Recess contains 10 milligrams of CBD and tastes refreshing, not saccharine in the slightest.

What it’s good for: A refreshing after-travel drink.

Where you can find it: A wide number of grocers in New York City (a full list can be found on the company distribution map) as well as ordered by the case and delivered online.

Cost: $39.99 for an 8 pack

L’eela Vital Hydrating Oil

Flying dries you out. Traveling through dry climates dries you out. Hell, there are a lot of things when you’re traveling that will dry your skin and leave you feeling like a sponge left out of water. L’eela can bring your skin back to life. L’eela hydrating oil is made with oils from apricot kernal, marula, almond, jojoba, sandalwood, frankincense, geranium, and lavender, along with Vitamin E and CBD. It rubs into your skin quickly and easily, and the heavenly smell will have everyone curious about what you just put on. We rubbed some on our faces after a day of mid-winter skiing in upstate New York, and if it can soothe the skin there, it can do it pretty much anywhere.

What it’s good for: Dry skin after a flight or when traveling through dry climates.

Where you can find it: L’eela’s online store.

Cost: $50

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