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Take This Flight and Ring in 2019 Twice on Two Continents

by Nickolaus Hines Nov 5, 2018

Make 2019’s New Year’s party so nice you ring it in twice. A travel company called Crystal Aircruises has a trip called New Year Double Countdown Celebration that will take guests from Tokyo to Las Vegas for a party on two continents.

The party runs from December 29th to January 4th, and starts at the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba. There, guests will have an exclusive private party with dinner and sumo wrestling for entertainment. The first thing you’ll see in 2019 (well, during the first time you experience the beginning of 2019) will be Tokyo Disneyland’s fireworks show.

Then it’s time to board a Boeing 777-200 charter jet that makes first-class flights look like the middle seat in the last row of economy. The jet has 88 flat-bed seats and butlers to tend to each guest. An inflight chef makes the meals, and there’s a bar — a stand-up bar, none of this cart nonsense — if you want to keep the party going on the flight. The flight will cross the International Date Line on its way to Las Vegas and then suddenly it’ll be the last day of 2018 again.

In Vegas, guests will attend a Celine Dion concert, because everyone’s heart has indeed gone on the longest New Year’s Eve party possible. It all ends with an after party DJed by Calvin Harris at Omnia and fireworks over the Strip.

Incredibly, this isn’t the only way to celebrate the end of 2018 twice. Pure Entertainment Group has a trip with New Year’s celebrations in both Australia and Hawaii.

If you think celebrating a regular New Year’s is expensive, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that celebrating it twice in 48 hours is very expensive. The Crystal Aircruises trip costs $26,000 — which almost seems like a bargain compared to Pure Entertainment Group’s $126,000 price tag. Don’t forget to add the cost of two New Year’s outfits into your budget.

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