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Are Houses on Airbnb Really More Affordable Than Hotels? This Data Set Says No.

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by Olivia Harden Oct 26, 2021

Are you team hotel or team Airbnb? The two choices each have strengths and weaknesses depending on the experience you’re looking for, but for many it comes down to cost. And while Airbnbs are often praised for being the cheaper option, in May users took to social media to complain about the company’s listings and added costs after booking.

To settle the debate on whether Airbnbs or hotels are more affordable, the site Upgraded Points conducted a study with data points from hotels and Airbnbs in US major cities to find out how to give your wallet a break.

In 2017, 81 percent of Airbnb’s revenue came from whole-unit rentals, but if you’re in the minority and are comfortable staying in a private room, an Airbnb is cheaper in all 50 cities Upgraded Points looked at. The biggest difference between a private room and a hotel was in Las Vegas, where opting for a private room saves $269. It may not be worth it if you’re headed to Orlando, Florida, though, where the average savings was just $7.30.

If you’re looking to have an entire place to yourself, you’re not going to see the same return. In fact, in 46 out of 50 cities, a hotel stay is cheaper. In Los Angeles, you’re going to see a savings of almost $330 if you choose a hotel, while in Miami it’s a savings of $304. But in Atlanta, you’ll only see a savings of $2.30. So if you find the whole-house Airbnb of your dreams, it’s not going to break your bank.

Were consumers right about raising Airbnb taxes and fees? Upgraded Points says they are. An Airbnb can run you an average of over 40 percent of the listing cost in taxes and fees, and in some cities like Orlando, you might see that go up to 50 percent. Comparatively, hotels average a little over 15 percent of taxes, with the peak reaching 22 percent in Las Vegas.

Of course, Airbnbs tend to offer more unique stays than a regular hotel room, like luxurious yurts in the winter, a cabin in the hills of Kauai, or a tiny house in upstate New York. Ultimately, the best stay is the one that’s best for you and your travel goals.

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