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This Cheese Company Will Pay You $5,000 to Eat Cheese for a Year

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by Eben Diskin Jun 24, 2020

If you’ve been sitting around your house since March eating nothing but cheese and waiting for bars to reopen, you’ve unwittingly been training for this dream job. Whisps, a cheese crisps snack company, is looking for someone to join the Whisps Cheese Board. If chosen, you will be paid $5,000 in cash and perks to eat cheese for a year.

On July 25, National Wine and Cheese day, Whisps will select one cheese lover to join the board for a year. The lucky winner will be paid to partake in monthly product quality tests, new flavor evaluations, and brainstorm new products. They will also become a Whisps brand ambassador. New board members will be given a free trip to the World Championship Cheese Contest in 2022, a $2,000 stipend, and receive training from an artisan cheesemaker on how to evaluate cheese like a pro.

Ilana Fischer, CEO of Whisps, said in a statement, “As Whisps original cheese fanatic, I was able to make my cheese dream a reality: making — and eating — delicious, quality cheese snacks. I’m excited to find someone who loves cheese as much as me and my team to help us evaluate different cheeses to explore for innovation in the future. Plus, I’m excited to make someone else’s dream a reality!”

To apply, just visit Whisps’ website, provide basic personal information, and answer some cheese-related questions like, “If you were a cheese, what would you be and why?”

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