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A New Coast-to-Coast Hiking Trail in Italy Connects Two Seas

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by Eben Diskin Oct 30, 2020

The southern Italian region of Calabria is giving you yet another incentive to visit Italy with a new hiking trail that runs from the Ionian Sea to the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Kalabria Coast to Coast trail runs for 34 miles from the town of Soverato to the town of Pizzo, passing through mountains and along beaches.

The trail was created by the Kalabria Trekking association in an attempt to create a picturesque adventure through the heart of Calabria. It’s divided into three 12-mile sections, each with different levels of difficulty so people of all ability levels can enjoy the trail. Kalabria Trekking’s volunteers will be available by phone throughout the experience if you need assistance, and visitors are also encouraged to check in and out of the trail so their trip can be supervised for safety purposes.

Kalabria Coast to Coast

Photo: Kalabria Coast to Coast/Facebook

According to the official website, the trail is meant to be “savored at a slow pace among expanses of secular olive trees, rows of vines, fields of wheat and prickly pears, woods of chestnut trees and secular beeches, picturesque granite stones shaped by time and the magnificent oasis nature of the Angitola lake.”

The trail also comes with a passport feature, which allows hikers to mark their progress with stamps from each town along the way. The passport also grants discounts in local restaurants and hotels.

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