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This Company Is Looking to Hire a Virtual Santa for $25 an Hour

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by Eben Diskin Nov 3, 2020

Of all the jobs that look very different in 2020, Santa Claus might be the most dramatically changed. Having children sit on a stranger’s lap while they whisper their Christmas wish in their ear isn’t a great look in the era of masks and social distancing. That’s why one Toronto company is looking for people to work as a virtual Santa Claus this year and visit with children in the US and Canada over Zoom.

Live Calls With Santa is a new site created by parents in light of the pandemic. It needs “professional” Santas to chat with children online and give them a holiday experience that feels like the real thing. It only pays $25 an hour, but the extra benefit of good karma makes up for the low pay.

According to the job posting, “You will be expected to embody Santa’s appearance, cheery persona, upbeat energy, and of course, the endearing ‘ho, ho, ho’. The accurate portrayal of Santa Claus will be instrumental in delivering live, personalized experiences through Zoom video conferencing.”

If chosen, you must remain in character throughout the duration of your calls, handle tough questions, and provide an immersive experience for children. You’ll also be expected to provide your own Santa costume, have a strong internet connection, submit to a background check, and have a dedicated quiet space. A backdrop, microphone, and webcam will be given to you.

Parents can choose from three experience packages: a basic video chat for five minutes for $19.95, a premium package with story time and a recording of the conversation for $29.95, and a platinum package with an edited highlight reel and $10 credit toward a future call for $49.95.

To apply for the Santa role, send a resume and headshot to, and if you’re lucky you may be contacted for an interview.

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