This Company Will Pay You to Be a Professional ‘Hot Tubologist’

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by Eben Diskin Jun 1, 2018

If I had known “hot tubologist” was a profession back in high school, I might have taken a very different career path. Like most highly professional and academic lines of work, a hot tubologist must be a discerning hot tub lover, with a great knowledge and enthusiasm about their field. For one special candidate, however, this dream job is about to become reality. Hot tub manufacturer Lay-Z Spa is looking for a hot tub enthusiast to test their products, post reviews, and be the face of the company’s social media presence.

By becoming Lay-Z Spa’s official hot tubologist, you’ll not only get a ton of free Lay-Z Spa items, but also £500 (about $664 USD). It’s not all fun and games, though. You’ll be expected to post thorough reviews on the intricate details of hot tub mechanics, like how bubbly they are, how soothing the heating is, and your overall relaxation experience.

To apply for the role, you need to record a 30-second video explaining why you’re the best choice for the role, and upload it to Instagram, including the tag @LayZSpaOfficial, and the hashtag #Hottubologist. Think of it like any job interview you’ve ever had, only with much, much more at stake.

Make sure you get your entries in before midnight on June 10th.

H/T: Travel & Leisure

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