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Add One of These Unique Themed Hotels to Your List of Date Night Ideas

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by Jori Ayers Feb 13, 2023

On the hunt for a new way to spice up date night? Whether you’re looking for a new date night idea or just looking to spend more time with your significant other, finding ways to do so can be complicated and annoying. If you’re looking for more options to add to your date night options, the couple behind @aprettycoolhoteltour have reviewed a seemingly endless number of accommodations that are perfect for an adventure and an addition for a cool date night hotel.

Madonna Inn

@aprettycoolhoteltour Madonna Inn knows a thing or two about cute and kitschy #traveltiktok #lovenest #hotelroom #hoteltour #hotel #sanluisobispo #california #californiaroadtrip #cutehotel #kitsch #kitschy #kitschydecor #kitschycute #interiordesign #barbie #barbiecore #birthdayhotel #honeymoonhotel ♬ VVS – mal sounds

You can’t do a themed hotel without some romance involved. If you and your significant other want a romantic option, check out the “Love Nest Room” room at the Madonna Inn. The Madonna Inn is in San Luis Obispo, California, and has been open since 1958. This California classic has many themed rooms, but the Loves Nest is the perfect romantic getaway option if that’s what you and your significant other want. This room is a spacious hotel room filled with pink and red hues. A staircase in the center of the room leads up to a tower where you can have panoramic views of the area.

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Black Swan Inn

@aprettycoolhoteltourWhere should we go next

♬ original sound – PressOnGold

It’s time to go back in time with this Egyptian-themed room at the Black Swan Inn in Idaho. Black Swan Inn is in downtown Pocatello just off I-5. This themed suite features stunning Egyptian-like murals and hieroglyphics, a two-person jetted tub, a unique tomb-like massage table, a 12-foot hand-sculpted Egyptian statue, and stairs leading up to the second-floor bedroom. Feel like you and your significant other rules Egypt in this Egyptian suite.

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The Rainbow Getaway

@aprettycoolhoteltour Sounds like @chrissy gets it. One of the rooms we designed for The Rainbow Getaway in #palmsprings #interiordesign #heartshaped #pink #fauxfur #design #homedecor ♬ original sound – chrissy

The Honeymoon Room at the Rainbow Getaway is in Palm Springs, California. Whether this is your honeymoon or having a romantic celebration and getaway, this cozy room is filled with pink from head to toe. The walls and floor are made of fuzzy pink material, and the symbol of love (a heart) is featured everywhere in the room, from the headboard to neon lights, to a heart-shaped mirror above the bed.

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Best Western Fireside Inn

@aprettycoolhoteltour Space rooms are some of the coolest theme rooms in existence…and of course leave it to @bestwestern to make the best one!!! #canada #roadtrip #summerroadttrip #hotelroom #design #space #themehotel ♬ Cornfield Chase – Hans Zimmer

Get ready to blast into space with this cool date night hotel room.This immersive-themed room at the Best Western Fireside Inn in Kingston, Canada. This tranquility base or space room puts you in another dimension. This space theme room features rock-like walls, a jacuzzi bathtub, and your rocket-ship bedroom.

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Destinations Inn

@aprettycoolhoteltour Paris themed room in Idaho Destinations Inn #themehotel #themedroom #paris #hotel #hoteldesign #cooldesign #romantichotels #datenight #honeymoon #idaho #couples ♬ Paris – Taylor Swift

Planning a trip to Paris may be a stretch or just not in the budget, but who says you can visit the city of love? Instead of visiting Paris, France, you’ll visit Paris, Idaho. Check out Destinations Inn in Idaho, where every room is a worldwide-themed destination. If you’re up for love, then check out this room. The Paris-themed room has an Eiffel Tower shower, garden, beautiful murals, and a small fountain in the middle of the room. All things needed to jumpstart a romantic evening with your partner.

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The Roxbury


COCONUT CREAM PIE ROOM….bye. This is it for me. ❤️ Also at The Roxbury in Roxbury, NY!! Coolest theme hotel rooms!!!!

♬ original sound – M.M.

If you have a sweet tooth, check out the Coconut Cream Pie-themed room at the Roxbury Hotel in New York. This pie-themed room isn’t just any ordinary pie room but is themed after Maryann’s Coconut Cream Pie from Gilligan’s Island. The room features a unique coconut cream ceiling, a giant SOS on the headboard, other island-like furnishings, and a signed picture from the queen herself, Maryann.

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Hicksville Pines

@aprettycoolhoteltour Bud and Breakfast in California. ❤️ #hicksvillepines #idyllwild #california #honeymoon #cabin ♬ Keep Going – Swørn

Immerse yourself in this romantic Honeymoon Suite at Hicksville Pines Bud and Breakfast in California. This spacious suite is the perfect getaway for any couple, whether you’re looking for a quick staycation in California or a romantic getaway. Upon entering the suite, you’re greeted with a spacious layout with ceiling mirrors, pink shag carpet, a heart tub, and a fireplace, and the suite has a small front porch where you can sit out and watch the sunrise and sunset.

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Stranger Things Room

@aprettycoolhoteltour At @graduatehotels #UpsideDownwithgraduate #graduatebloomington #indiana #strangerthings #scarystories ♬ Stranger Things (Main Theme) – I Love TV Themes

For all the Stranger Things lovers out there, this room is everything that you would imagine it to be. Visit the Graduate Bloomington Hotel in Indiana and feel like you’re in the show. This Stranger Things Suite puts you in Joyce Byers’s living room with floral wallpaper pull-out sofa bed and Christmas lights. Next door is Wheeler’s basement with retro board games, giant walkie-talkies, and Will’s purple wizard cloak.

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Adventure Suites

@aprettycoolhoteltour Can’t believe I survived Adventure Suites in New Hampshire #haunted #halloween #scream #themehotel #spookyseason ♬ original sound – A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour

Feeling up for a spooky experience with a few jump scares included? This interactive-themed hotel room is the first of its kind and the first time this has been done. This spacious room can fit up to 18 people, but if you and your partner want a spooky time, enter if you dare. The room has many scary booby traps that make you jump out of your skin.

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Victorian Mansion B&B

@aprettycoolhoteltour Want to sleep in a 1950’s Cadillac?? #50s #themehotel #hoteltour #cadillac #datenight #losalamos #california ♬ What'd I Say, Pt. 1 & 2 (2005 Mono Remaster) – Ray Charles

What’s a cool date night hotel experience without a classic 50s-themed room on the list? If you want to return in time, check out this traditional 50s-themed hotel room at the Victorian Mansion B&B in California. This newly renovated B&B is in the heart of the Santa Ynez wine country, just off Highway 101. The B&B features many romantic-themed rooms like this 50s-themed room. This room inserts you right in the 50s with the classic Cadillac bed, neon lights, unique murals, and a large projector screen to make it seem like you’re out at a drive-in movie theater with your partner.

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