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The 7 Craziest Hotel Interiors in the World

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by Tim Wenger Mar 14, 2019

Move over, boring chain hotels. Hotel designers the world over are getting creative in order to lure guests, and what they’re coming up with is sure to boggle the eyes. These seven hotels feature over-the-top interior decor and a guest experience that’s sure to surprise and overwhelm the senses.

1. Crazy Bear — Beaconsfield, UK

The Crazy Bear in the UK

Photo: The Crazy Bear/Facebook

The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield is as extravagant as it gets. The 45 unique rooms are set in a dark, Rococo fashion, equipped with shiny bathtubs, padded walls and headboards, and velvety or feathery accessories that seem to come straight out of a fancy brothel. The star, though, are the public spaces — they are incredibly over-the-top. This place is worth a visit the next time you find yourself in England, even if just to have a cocktail at the bar.

2. The Eden Motel — Taiwan

Eden Motel in Taiwan

Photo: 伊甸風情精品旅館/Facebook

With a name like The Eden Motel, you might expect lush gardens and fields of green. You’d be wrong, if you thought as much, though we wouldn’t blame you. What you’ll find instead is a smorgasbord of wacky designs, sometimes pulling from famous superhero movies — be sure to ask about the Batcave Suite — and sometimes lending itself to a theme like “the most over-the-top spot to impress your girlfriend after you forgot her birthday.” The room designs are the star attraction, but the pearl milk tea and pineapple cakes served at this place are just as eye-popping.

3. Palms Casino Resort — Las Vegas, Nevada

Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

Photo: Palms Casino Resort/Facebook

The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas recently underwent extensive renovations that took its suites from chic to a whole new level. Choose from the Kingpin Suite and its flashy two-lane bowling alley or the 10,000-square-foot Hardwood Suite, with its basketball court, wet bar, and a fully equipped game room so you won’t even need to head down to the casino to play cards.

4. Madonna Inn — San Luis Obispo, California

Madonna Inn in California

Photo: Madonna Inn/Facebook

The Madonna Inn shuns subtleties in favor of attention-grabbing colors in its 110 guestrooms. The building itself is whimsical with its rounded shapes, spiral staircases, and colorful doors, but there’s more to the place than decor — there’s also a garden out back, and the in-house steakhouse mixes some of the craftiest cocktails in San Luis Obispo.

5. V8 Hotel — Stuttgart, Germany

This one is for all the kids who grew up sleeping in a racecar bed, dreaming of the tight turns of the Monaco Grand Prix. Germany’s V8 Hotel gives you the chance to bring those fantasies to life in a collection of rooms that pay tribute to automobiles. Classic paintings, photographs, and even vehicles themselves make the hotel the perfect accommodation for gearheads. Rooms honor racing, road tripping, and everything else one can do on four wheels, and after you’re done checking out the goods, crash out in a classic car and bring on those dreams of the Autobahn.

6. The Liberty — Boston, Massachusetts

Liberty Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts

Photo: Liberty Hotel Boston/Facebook

The Liberty in Boston, which occupies the former Charles Street Jailhouse, is now a National Historic Landmark that’s become an institution in more than one way. As you stand in the grand lobby, visualize what the building looked like stripped of its remake, when the halls were barren, and the rooms housed guests who couldn’t check out or order room service. Walk through the wide corridors of the restaurant and lobby area, where the cleaned-up brick facade still recalls the old days of the jail. Then have a delicious seafood meal at The CLINK, one of the hotel’s restaurants, and make your way upstairs to your plush room with windows overlooking the Boston skyline.

7. Klaus K Hotel — Helsinki, Finland

Klaus K Hotel in Finland

Photo: Klaus K Hotel/Facebook

If you fancy an early morning swing or as much as cream as your heart desires, book the Sweet Suite at the Klaus K Hotel in Helsinki before January 1, 2020. The suite is pink-themed, has a bedside swing, and is designed with ice cream lovers in mind. There are 171 rooms throughout the property, and every one of them is beautifully decorated, but the Sweet Suite is the dreamiest of them all, so get booking.

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