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The Denver Zoo’s Baby Rhino Cam Is the Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today

by Eben Diskin May 5, 2020

The best part about working from home is that you can spend two hours watching a live baby rhino cam, and no one can call you out on it. The Denver Zoo just released a livestream of a baby rhino, and it’s easily the best excuse to take a suspiciously long lunch break.

“You asked and we listened!” said the zoo. “We now have a Baby Rhino Live Cam up and running. You can enjoy our greater one-horned bundle of joy right here.”

The rhino calf is named Joona and can be seen every day hanging out with her mom, Tensing, inside their bedroom. As the weather warms up, however, Joona is expected to venture outside more frequently, so if you tune in and don’t see her, don’t worry. She’s just catching some rays.

Joona is a greater one-horned rhino born in captivity from 13-year-old Tensing on February 22, 2020. The greater one-horned rhino is found in Northern India and Southern Nepal, but there are only about 3,500 individuals in the wild. The species is listed as vulnerable by the World Wildlife Foundation.

In addition to Joona’s live stream, the zoo also offers a virtual safari program featuring videos of other animals, from Humboldt penguins to Vietnamese potbelly pigs, in an attempt to stay connected with the community.

In a news release, the Denver Zoo said, “The Zoo is reaching out to the community with a new resource to help families stay connected to its animals and stave off cabin fever during this difficult time. Zoo to You: Virtual Safari will be updated daily with new animal videos, wildlife-themed activities, and other ideas that families can do at home.”

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