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South America's First Digital Nomad Village Is Open in Brazil

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by Tim Wenger Aug 9, 2022

The founder of Europe’s first digital nomad village is taking the concept to Brazil in what’s being touted as the continent’s first full-scale nomad community. Skift reports that the village will open in Pipa in the state of Rio Grande do Norte on November 1, and will run at least through April 30, 2023. Founder Goncalo Hall, who also started the digital nomad community NomadX, partnered with a local tourism board as well as the Brazilian government to market the village. The goal is both to attract remote workers to Pipa and to provide a boost to the local economy through online entrepreneurs who use the area as a hub to grow their business.


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Creating a nomad village in Brazil is a natural next step for Hall after his success with the digital nomad village in Portugal. Brazil shares both a language and a vibrant beach and nightlife culture. Hall told Skift that after proving the economic benefit his village had provided in Madeira, the Brazilian government gave him permission to move forward. He expects to pump as much as $36 million per year into the local economy, selecting Pipa for its location as it’s just an hour and a half from Natal International Airport.

Like the village in Madeira, the village will feature coliving-style accommodations, where nomads can rent a private room but will share common spaces like kitchens and lounge areas with other residents. A coworking space will be provided along with networking opportunities to meet and hang out with other nomads.

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