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Disney Bans Smoking and Large Strollers in Its Parks

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by Eben Diskin Apr 30, 2019

Pretty much everywhere is smoke-free these days, from airplanes to restaurants, and now we can add Disney World to the list. Starting on May 1, smoking will be banned at all Disney parks, including Walt Disney World, Disneyland, the various water parks, and Downtown Disney in California. Now if smokers or e-cigarette users want to light up, they must do so in special areas located outside the park entry points or in specific zones at Disney Resort hotels. The rule does not, however, apply to Disneyland Paris, where smoking is still permitted in designated smoking areas.

According to Disney, “the removal of smoking areas is intended to provide a more enjoyable experience for everyone who visits.”

Disney is also restricting the size of stroller wagons, to ease the flow of park traffic. Also starting on May 1st, all forms of stroller wagons will be prohibited from theme and water parks. According to the new guidelines, they can be no larger than 31” wide and 52” long. “The reduction of stroller sizes,” they said, “is intended to ease guest flow and reduce congestion, making the park experience more enjoyable for everyone who visits. Many strollers, including many double jogging strollers, fit within these guidelines.” Strollers of an appropriate size will be made available at the parks for rent for those guests who require them.

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