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People Are Editing Disney’s Reopening Video Into Horror Trailers

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by Eben Diskin Jul 13, 2020

Disney World has reopened this weekend amid a severe spike in COVID-19 infections in Florida. In conjunction with the reopening, Disney released a video to welcome guests back to the park and to generate enthusiasm about visiting Disney attractions. It didn’t exactly have the desired effect.

The video features Disney employees wearing masks and repeating the phrase “welcome home.” The imagery of the masked employees, however, together with their muffled voices, makes for an eerie video. People have been having some fun with the footage, editing it to make it even creepier than the original.

One user overlaid the song from the horror film Us to create a horror movie-esque trailer.

Say less

— Kiyla Monét (@IAMKiylaMonet) July 11, 2020

Another edited out the words “welcome home” and replaced them with “stay home” to encourage potential visitors to rethink their trip.

Others got similarly creative with the video, editing in the scores from Stranger Things and The Shining.

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