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South Korean DJ Kicked Off Flight to LA and Forced to Take Off Pants Before Reboarding

by Matador Creators Apr 29, 2022

Airline dress codes are back in the news after Hwang So-hee, a South Korean DJ better known by stage name DJ Soda, was recently told to change her pants before boarding her American Airlines flight from New York’s JFK airport to Los Angeles. The reason? The sweatpants had the F word repeatedly printed on them.

“I was forced out of the plane and was harassed to take off my pants in front of the flight crews at the gate,” she later tweeted.

In her tweet thread about the incident, she stated that the pants were sponsored by RIPNDIP and that she’s “never had an issue” with them before “in my many months of touring in North America.” It was only after DJ Soda got to her seat (and received her business class drink) that there appeared to be a problem.

“A staff suddenly approached me to pack up my belongings and leave the plane without any kind of explanation,” she tweeted. “As I was escorted off the plane, they claimed that my sweatpants were ‘inappropriate’ and ‘offensive’ telling me that I need to take the next flight.”

In the end, DJ Soda tweeted that she “ended up taking off my pants in front of the whole crew and standing half-naked while they still refused to board me on the flight. They even sarcastically commented that I could have taken off my pants earlier.”

After an hour delay, they let her reboard with her pants inside out.

This isn’t the first time American Airlines has found itself in hot water over a dress code issue. Model Olivia Culpo was told to “put a blouse on” before boarding her flight to Cabo back in January.

According to flight attendants that Matador spoke with in February, dress codes exist for all airlines to one degree or another. One thing that they all pretty much have in common: clothing with vulgar language on it.

An American Airlines spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that “team members informed Ms So-hee of our policies and provided her the opportunity to change out of clothing displaying explicit language” and she was allowed to travel as planned. DJ Soda, for her part, says she will be boycotting American Airlines.

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