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Donate Your Ski Goggles to Medical Workers on the Front Lines

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by Tim Wenger Apr 6, 2020

Ski resorts across the United States may have shut down for the season, but one piece of ski gear can still play a big role over the next couple of months — goggles. New York City doctor Mike Halperin, also a passionate skier, launched an initiative in late March to address the lack of protective equipment facing medical workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. Goggles for Docs is collecting new and used ski goggles for hospitals around the country, and as of Monday morning has collected over 13,500 pairs of goggles.

According to a report in Outside, Halperin’s idea quickly became a Google Sheet and Facebook group, which caught the attention of Trevor Crist and Gregg Blanchard from Vermont-based company Inntopia. The pair put up a website, Goggles for Docs, to serve as a “basecamp” for the collection efforts. The site explains how to deliver goggles and a running tally on the Goggles for Docs website notes the number of pairs needed per state. Click your state, and you’ll be directed to a Google Sheet with hospitals in need. Fill out the required information and mail the goggles to the address provided or bring them to a designated dropoff location. If you plan to donate a pair of goggles, be sure to follow the provided instructions to ensure they are clean and ready for use upon reception.

Tonight, April 6, at 7:00 PM ET, the nonprofit group Reverb will host a live virtual concert and fundraiser for Goggles for Docs featuring the Chad Hollister Band. The event will stream live via Facebook and aims to collect both cash and goggles for doctors and medical workers around the country. Financial contributions can be made via the Goggles for Docs website.

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