Dracula’s Castle Might Be the Spookiest Destination to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine

by Olivia Harden May 10, 2021

Romania has found a way to puncture its visitors at Dracula’s castle — and it doesn’t involve fangs. Bran Castle, the spooky tourist destination in Transylvania, Romania, that is said to have inspired Bran Stoker’s novel Dracula, is now offering a dose of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine to all visitors with no appointment needed.

The jabs will take place outside the castle every weekend in May. Visitors will receive a “vaccination diploma,” decorated with an old-timey dressed-up nurse with fangs holding a syringe. They’ll also have free access to the castle’s exhibits of 52 torture instruments, according to Associated Press.

Unfortunately, this spooky-themed venture is only for Romanian residents. A survey released in April by Bratislava-based think tank Globsec showed Romanians were the least likely to get the vaccine in the European Union nation. The drive also comes as Romania’s Carpathian mountains hope to boost tourism in the region, according to Reuters.

“The idea … was to show how people got jabbed 500-600 years ago in Europe,” the castle’s marketing director, Alexandru Priscu, said.

The goal of the Romanian government is to vaccinate 5 million people by June 1, AP reported.

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