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5.8-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Puerto Rico, Damages Homes and Tourist Attraction

by Eben Diskin Jan 6, 2020

The southern coast of Puerto Rico was hit this morning by a 5.8-magnitude earthquake. The quake hit at 6:32 AM, causing small landslides, power outages, and serious damage to several homes. Following the quake were a series of smaller temblors, including another magnitude five quake at 10:51 AM that shook power lines. There have been no reports of casualties and no tsunami threat.

Five homes collapsed in the southern town of Guánica, and an additional 29 were severely damaged.

As reported by the Associated Press, there have been several earthquakes on the southern coast of Puerto Rico in the past couple of weeks. The first one happened on December 28, and they all ranged in magnitude between 4.7 and 5.1.

Reuters reports that in the town of Guayanilla a popular tourist attraction collapsed. The top part of the “Window of the Carribean,” a rock formation with a large, round hole that looked like a frame for the Caribbean sea, collapsed into the water due to the repeated earthquakes.

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