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Estonia and Georgia Are Lifting Quarantine Restrictions for Vaccinated Travelers

by Eben Diskin Feb 5, 2021

COVID-19 vaccines are becoming the new PCR tests as the global inoculation campaign ramps up (however slowly). The Seychelles, Romania, and Iceland have already lifted quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers, and now Georgia and Estonia are joining the list. Both countries had previously mandated a quarantine for incoming international travelers, but now you’ll just have to show proof of receiving a second dose of any approved COVID-19 vaccine.

Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that starting this month, “Citizens of all countries, travelling by air from any country may enter Georgia if they present the document confirming the full course (two doses) of any Covid-19 vaccination at the border checkpoints of Georgia.”

Unvaccinated visitors need to comply with different conditions according to their country of citizenship or residence. The rules for visiting Georgia as a non-vaccinated traveler are clearly detailed on the nation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.

Similarly, Estonia is lifting its 10-day quarantine restriction for those who can prove vaccination, or prove they have recovered from COVID-19 in the past six months. The country will accept vaccinations from nine global suppliers, not only the three approved by the European Union. “This is to show mutual solidarity,” Hanna Sepp, head of the country’s COVID-19 efforts, told EER News. “If we take into account vaccines in use in other countries, we could hope that vaccines in use in our country will also be taken into account in other countries.”

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