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This Fall, People Are Booking Airbnb Barns, Cabins, and Treehouses in Huge Numbers

by Eben Diskin Sep 3, 2020

Like every year, people are looking forward to fall travel in 2020. This year, however, those vacations are taking a slightly different shape. With the COVID-19 pandemic severely limiting travel options, the fall travel trends are reflective of the new reality. Luckily, travelers are extremely adaptive. Airbnb has just released its report on booking trends for fall 2020, and the results are truly representative of these uncertain times.

This Labor Day, people are booking Airbnb’s cabins at double the rate of last year. Apartment bookings, in contrast, are nearly cut in half. This trend is most obvious in the platform’s wish lists, where people bookmark their favorite properties for future stays. Barn bookings are up 60 percent, cabins up 40 percent, cottages up 30 percent, and of August’s 20 most wishlisted properties, five are treehouses and three are tiny houses.

Lake Arrowhead Luxury Lakefront Cottage in Waleska, Georgia, United States

Photo: Airbnb

People are also prioritizing flexibility in their vacations for Labor Day Weekend. The average lead time between booking and staying is 10 days less than it was last year, reflecting the desire to keep all options open in the face of an evolving health situation.

Perhaps most importantly, people are increasingly interested in bringing their animal companions along on their trips. For the upcoming holiday weekend, “allows pets” was the most searched amenity, followed by “pool,” “Wi-Fi,” “kitchen,” and “AC.”

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