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First-Time Flyer Tries to Open Exit Door Mid-Flight Thinking It’s the Bathroom

by Eben Diskin Sep 26, 2018

The signage on airplanes is pretty straightforward, but it apparently confused a passenger so much that he mistook a rear exit door for a bathroom door, and sent the entire plane into a panic.

The man, a passenger on a GoAir flight from New Delhi to Patna last Saturday, had never flown before, perhaps explaining his confusion. As he tugged at the exit door, other passengers took note of his bizarre behavior and alerted airline staff. According to the New Indian Express, he insisted that he needed to use the bathroom urgently, and confirmed afterward that the mix-up had occured because it was his first time flying.

Airline staff restrained him before he could open the exit door and cause any real damage. Upon arriving safely in Patna, the passenger was met by authorities who took him into custody for further investigation. Although a spokesperson for GoAir claimed that the man could not have succeeded in opening the exit door due to the cabin’s air pressure, that didn’t ease the nerves of the other passengers, who, during the episode, probably feared they were about to be sucked out of the aircraft.

This incident comes on the heels of another debacle that took place last week on a Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to Jaipur. After the crew forgot to flip a switch that regulates air pressure, over 20 passengers started bleeding from their ears and noses, and the flight was forced to turn around so those afflicted could receive medical attention. The entire flight crew has been suspended while an investigation is underway.

H/T: Yahoo News

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