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‘Follow Me to Home’ Instagram Photos Are the New Hilarious Trend

by Eben Diskin Apr 23, 2020

Say what you want about the popular #followmeto Instagram trend, but it certainly lends itself to creativity. These days, rather than simply posting cliche photos of walking through a sunflower field, or onto a beach in Bali, people are evolving with the times and adapting their #followmeto posts to the pandemic era.

Given social distancing restrictions and the halt of international travel, “Follow me to [insert country here]” has become “Follow me to home,” and people are getting very inventive with their photos.

These pictures don’t ignite our sense of FOMO quite as bad as they used to. In fact, the “Follow me to home” trend is unique in its accessibility and relatability, depicting people in everyday domestic environments, connecting with family, and enjoying the little things. From having a little fun at work to cooking with grandma or spending quality time with your pet, here are some of the internet’s most creative #followmetohome moments.

The housework-obsessed

The healthcare workers in need of levity

The couple that does everything together

The best part of being home is being with our family and pets

The artists

The hopefuls and the desperate

The athletes

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