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This Food Festival Features Each State’s Most Iconic Dish

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by Eben Diskin Jul 13, 2018

There’s nothing more American than our celebration of food, and this festival in Ohio is taking America’s love of food sampling to the next level. Indecision is the worst part of going to a restaurant, but that won’t be a factor at the Flavored Nation Food Festival, which will feature dishes from all 50 states. Ohio food experts have taken on the daunting task of determining which dishes best represent each of the 50 states and offering them all at the festival on Aug. 11 and 12.

Flavored Nation strives to be a culinary tour of America and an opportunity to experience the most popular dishes from California to New York. You’ll be able to try bison burgers from Montana, marionberry pie from Oregon, chimichangas from Arizona, and New England clam chowder from Massachusetts. Richard Gore, the event’s executive producer, said in a statement, “Most people’s personal food experience is still limited to local geography and some occasional travel… we want to fuel debate about local favorites and at the same time spur discovery.”

David Rosengarten, a food writer and former Food Network host, and Jared Bobkin, a professional chef, helped determine which regional dishes to serve at the festival. To no surprise, it wasn’t easy. They relied heavily on input from social media to make their decisions.

The event will take place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, and you can purchase your ticket here.

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