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A ‘Friends’-Themed Brunch Is Coming to NYC and Denver

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by Eben Diskin Feb 12, 2020

It seemed like the cast of Friends’ only responsibility on the show was crushing hangout sessions. Kicking back in Central Perk on a casual Wednesday afternoon, hanging all day in an apartment that, in real-life Manhattan prices, would probably cost about $3 million. The only place we didn’t see them hanging out was at Sunday brunch. And yet, that’s the Friends-themed experience coming to New York City this summer.

On June 14, at a location to be announced later, The Brunch Club is sponsoring a themed brunch that’s expected to have all the trappings of a classic Friends experience. That means themed drinks, Ross’ famous “moist maker” sandwiches, a projector showing episodes, trivia contests, charades, and a costume competition for those who really want to relive the ‘90s.

As for that costume contest, the website encourages people to “bring along a turkey as a headpiece… Dress up as an armadillo and humidify that hair ready to join us. We will be there for you.”

The experience will also come to Denver, at a location to be determined.

Tickets are on sale now, include a cocktail and buffet meal, and cost between $45 and $50.

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