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Fuji Suspends Sales of Police Bikes After Videos Show Their Misuse During Protests

News Activism
by Eben Diskin Jun 9, 2020

Every industry is being asked to engage themselves in the combat against institutional racism in the United States, and that even includes the companies manufacturing police bikes.

After footage surfaced of a New York police officer using his bike to push back protestors, and additional reports of officers using bikes as makeshift riot shields and weapons, Fuji Bikes is suspending the sales of its police bicycles in North America.

Claiming that the bikes are not being used for their intended purpose, the company said in a statement, “We have seen instances in the last week where police have used bicycles in violent tactics, which we did not intend or design our bicycles for. We had always viewed the use of our bicycles by police, fire, security and EMS as one of the better forms of community outreach. Community police on bikes can better connect with and understand the neighborhood, facilitating positive relationships between law enforcement and the citizens they are sworn to serve and protect.”

Trek Bicycles has also come under fire, after a video of Miami’s Bike Response Team demonstrated how police used their bikes to create a barrier in front of protesters.

But Trek’s response to the protests and the use of its products, unlike Fuji, was deemed meek and not engaged, drawing criticism.

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