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Yet Another German Museum Got Robbed, This Time in Berlin

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by Eben Diskin Dec 2, 2019

Just days after $1 billion worth of jewels were stolen from the Grüne Gewölbe (Green Vault) in Dresden, yet another heist has taken place at a German museum. This time, the Stasi Museum in Berlin — the former headquarters of the East German secret police — was burglarized. Several medals and pieces of jewelry were stolen.

The thieves entered the building on Sunday by climbing onto the roof of the entrance hall and entering through a window. They then proceeded to break several glass display cases to get to Soviet-era medals, such as an Order of Karl Marx, an Order of Lenin, and a Hero of the Soviet Union, before taking jewelry from a different part of the museum. While the value of the stolen items pales in comparison to what was taken from Dresden — some of the items were replicas — the incident still indicates a sense of insecurity for German museums.

Despite the low material value of the items, it’s believed that the thieves intend to sell the goods to collectors of historic East German memorabilia.

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