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Get Paid Thousands of Dollars to Travel and Smoke Weed

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by Eben Diskin Nov 6, 2018

While a passion for adventure and smoking weed might not qualify you for a job in the corporate world, it might actually give you a leg up on the competition for this unique position. Heavy Hitters, a Southern California vape company, is looking to hire 20 national ambassadors. These “Heavy Hitters Originals” ambassadors will be responsible for promoting their vape cartridges at a variety of events and on social media. You don’t have to be an internet celebrity, but if you have some basic social media chops and a passion for cannabis, this position might be for you.

The job description’s tagline reads, “Travel. Smoke Weed. Get Paid.” And it truly looks as simple a job as that. Each ambassador will be generously compensated, earning $1,200 each month in cash, plus a $500 credit for Heavy Hitters products. They’ll also enjoy all-expenses-paid travel to cannabis events, be among the first to try new strains and products from Heavy Hitters, and work closely with prominent dispensaries.

To be considered, upload a one-minute YouTube video of yourself, in which you explain why you love Heavy Hitters, what makes you original, and speak to any special skills or talents you may have. Then, upload the video to Instagram with the @heavy tag.

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