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Get Paid to Travel to Thailand’s Lesser-Known Sights

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by Tim Wenger Nov 5, 2018

The Tourism Authority of Thailand wants to give you a chance to channel your inner Bourdain, and they’ll pay you for it. Along with production company DreamJobbing, one fortunate traveler will be sent across the country for up to three weeks in January or February 2019 to document their off-the-beaten-path travels. If selected, you’ll visit lesser-known tourist spots, sample a wide variety of local cuisine, and mingle with prominent personalities from places like Bangkok and Chiang Rai.

According to the job posting, someone with an “adventurous spirit” and who is ready for a “once-in-a-lifetime experience” are the official prerequisites. In addition to your round-trip airfare to Thailand, all expenses will be covered while you’re on the ground. You’ll also receive a daily allowance and financial compensation, but the coolest part is the exposure you’ll get as a result. The final footage will air as part of an upcoming Amazon Prime documentary entitled The Local Traveler in Thailand, which will stream to Prime subscribers.

If this opportunity calls to you, head to the official posting and upload a 60-second video making the case for why you, of all the world’s adventure travelers, are the ideal candidate. A love of authentic food, a willingness to try anything once, and a keen ability for striking up conversation with someone you’ve just met — these qualities are certain to put you in the running. Applications are being accepted from now through the end of 2018. If you’re selected, be ready to dive right in. The website notes that you won’t be staying in any hotels during the trip, opting instead for homestays and other traditional lodging options.

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