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Google Japan Put Streetview Cameras on Three Adorable Akita Dogs

by Henry Miller Mar 13, 2018

Because perspective is everything, Google Japan has decided to mount its Streetview cameras to three dogs. Three fluffy Akitas named Asuka, Ako, and Puko, to be precise.

Google Japan took these poofy pups on a series of lengthy walks across Odate in the Akita Prefecture, the birthplace of the famous dog breed, on the pretense of paying tribute to the city’s history.

You can now see portions of Odate from the perspective of a curious dog, whose pointy tail and fuzzy head are almost always poking into the bottom of the frame. (Since this is probably their first photography gig, we’ve decided to give the trio a break on this).

The dogs captured 18 important sites in Odate, such as the Akita Dog Museum, a shrine to dogs, and outdoor hot springs, but it seems that the tour guides were most excited to show us how to play in the snow on a nearby mountain.

The dogs also stopped by the statue of Hachiko, the famous Akita who waited at the Shibuya train station for his human to come back from work every day in the 1920s.

After the owner died, Hachiko continued to wait at the station for another nine years, becoming a local hero and a symbol of loyalty in Japan.

While Asuka, Ako, and Puko have a big name to live up to, continuing their mission to show us the world through a dog’s eyes will go a long way.

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