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Greece Aims to Reopen to International Tourism on May 14

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by Eben Diskin Mar 10, 2021

Haris Theoharis, Greece’s tourism minister, has announced that the country hopes to reopen to tourism in May. There would still be restrictions in place, as only tourists who have been vaccinated, have antibodies, or test negative for COVID-19 will be admitted.

At the IBT Berlin Tourism Fair, Theoharis said, “We aim to open tourism by 14 May with specific rules and updated protocols. Until then, we will gradually lift restrictions if conditions allow.”

After elderly and at-risk populations are vaccinated in Greece, the country aims to prioritize those in the tourism sector, underscoring the importance of the tourism industry.

On Tuesday, the EU commission’s vice president, Margatis Schinas, said he believed a digital vaccination pass would be ready by summer, which would allow for international tourism to resume in Europe.

“I think after the last summit there is convergence on the need for this digital certificate,” Schinas said. “It will be a European product and will be the same throughout Europe.”

It’s unclear whether such a certificate would be usable by non-EU residents who want to enter Europe.

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