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This New Plant Subscription Service Encourages You to Try Plant Therapy

by Dayana Aleksandrova Apr 22, 2020

If this Earth Day, while stuck at home, you find yourself in need of greenery, know that there’s a new way to get your foliage fix without leaving the house.

A new Washington, DC-based plant subscription service called Grounded is launching today, on Earth Day, at 3:00 PM. Mignon Hemsley and Danuelle Doswell are the two 26-year-old plant moms behind the project. Their goal is to help support mental health by exposing their community to the joy of caring for a living plant as a form of “cheap therapy.” In an interview with DCist, Doswell said, “The black community is not as knowledgeable when it comes to different mental health outlets. So that ignited our business.”

How the service works

Subscribers can choose their level of commitment and receive a customized package of plants and vases each month or every few months according to their preference. The cost ranges from $50 to $100 per month depending on the number of plants per package, which can be two or four. The minimum subscription commitment is 90 days, which provides enough time to cultivate a new habit.

Those who want to try the service once and opt not to subscribe can choose between three low-maintenance plants to start their horticulture journey. The options include aloe vera, snake plants, and golden pothos, all three of which are perfectly suitable for newbies and cost $15 or $20 each with free shipping or hand-delivery.

New plant parents will be able to receive extra tips and support via Grounded’s weekly newsletter, which also launches today.

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