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HBO Is Hiding Iron Thrones Around the World, and the Quest to Find Them Is On

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by Tim Wenger Mar 21, 2019

“The next one is in The North.” This phrase has captivated Game of Thrones fans since yesterday’s announcement that the first of six Iron Thrones HBO is hiding around the world — ahead of the premiere of the final season on April 14 — has been found. Two men found the first throne in the ancient woodland forest of Puzzlewood in England, and for their efforts, HBO rewarded the pair with a crown resembling that of the late King Robert Baratheon in season one.

The rumor mill is turning with talk of where the second one is located, with Iceland being a popular idea, but with blankets of snow still covering much of the northern hemisphere, the playing field is vast. There’s also speculation that each crown will be modeled after other kings and queens. One thing is certain, however — you’d better get a move on if you hope to find this second throne. The first one was found in only one day. HBO posted the below video as a guide to the throne’s location deep in The North. Bring your jacket because it looks quite cold.

Searching for Iron Thrones is just the latest in HBO’s campaign to hype the show’s final six episodes. Last month, the network partnered with the Red Cross for a blood drive aptly titled Bleed for the Throne, and the Create for the Throne campaign urged artists from across the world to recreate some of the show’s most popular props and weapons (check out these glass daggers made by an artist from Kansas).

We’re off to The North, and before you even ask, the answer is no — we’re not sharing any more hints with you because this next crown is ours.

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