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Heavy Rain and Snow Throughout the US Expected to Disrupt Thanksgiving Travel Plans

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by Eben Diskin Nov 25, 2019

In the days leading up to a big trip, you probably pull up your weather app and look hopefully at the week ahead, praying you don’t see that little rain cloud icon. If that big trip happens to fall during this Thanksgiving week, you may be in for a rude awakening. Storms predicted for the Northeast, Central, and Western US are projected to bring heavy rain and snow all week.

The Northeast will see moderate rainfall from NYC to eastern Maine through early Monday, and the northern part of New England — including northern New Hampshire and Maine — has already received some snow over the weekend. Luckily, it’s supposed to be relatively clear throughout the remainder of the week.

Out West, a developing cold front is moving across the Rocky Mountains, bringing snow to Idaho, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming on Monday, and Nebraska and Kansas on Tuesday. Colorado and southeast Wyoming in particular should expect heavy snow from Monday night into Tuesday, totalling up to a foot.


In this week’s most wide-ranging weather event, mixed precipitation is expected from New Mexico all the way to Michigan from Tuesday morning through Sunday.


So whether it’s rain or snow in your area, make sure you plan your Thanksgiving travel accordingly, and be ready for some flight delays in the affected regions.

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