Want to know if you’ve got what it takes to land the best job ever in the history of the world? Scroll down to the flowchart.

If you’re a journalist and haven’t been under a rock for the last few days, you likely noticed the implosion following Monday’s New York Times job listing: “The New York Times wants to hire a journalist to travel the world”

Qualifications include:

      A well-worn passport
      Ability to recognize starchitects
      Fluency in both English and social media
      Must be a permanent student of life
      “The ability to parachute into a place and distill its essence and to render a compelling tale with words and images.”

    As of this morning, 3,100 people have applied. It remains to be seen if this is some sort of Suzanne Collins-esque social experiment. Either way, applications are due on October 31, 2017. May the odds be ever in your favor. (And can we all say a quick prayer for the poor souls who are currently wading through over 3,000 applications?)

    Flowchart for New York Times Travel Writer Job