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This Genius Hotel Hack Spawned a Thread of Creative Travel Hacks on Twitter

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by Eben Diskin Oct 7, 2019

If you travel frequently, you’ve probably devised your own special set of travel hacks that work for you. Whether it’s stuffing your socks into your shoes to save packing space, or pocketing the little shampoo bottles at hotels, everyone has a cheat code to a slightly better travel experience. When Twitter user Rick Klau reposted a photo of this particular travel hack — using hanger clips to keep hotel curtains shut — it inspired people to share their own travel cheats and became a top trending topic.

Indeed, if you want a list of travel hacks to make your upcoming trip more manageable and comfortable, you should probably pay attention to this thread. People have figured out everything — from how to mitigate the effects of a cold AC to warding off germs and creating a makeshift desk. Take out your pen and notepad, because these are some of our favorites.

Joe C said, “Put the chair back in front of the A/C to stop it blowing directly on you.”

For the germaphobes out there, la espooky recommends, “Instead of touching the disgusting tv remote, wrap it in the shower cap!”

If you’re tired of weak WiFi signals, MapleOne has you covered. “I always bring a 10’ LAN cable,” he says, “and plug my laptop directly into the wireless router.”

Business travelers concerned about showing up to their hotel room only to find it lacks a workspace should take the advice of Alistair Croll, who believes an ironing board is the perfect desk substitute. “Since the chairs are never the right height,” he says, “use the ironing board for long hotel work.”

For more hotel hacks, keep your eye on the thread, or feel free to spread the love and contribute one yourself.

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