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The Secret to Finding the Best Cleaning Company for Your Airbnb

by Hannah D. Cooper Feb 21, 2024

A spotless Airbnb is one step to cultivating rave reviews on your rental listing. Seeing as cleanliness is one of the guest feedback categories, it pays to hire a professional cleaning company for your Airbnb. Outsourcing cleaning saves valuable time and boosts the local economy.

Cleaning fees are usually absorbed by the guest while any balance may be tax deductible. Credible hosts always hire an Airbnb cleaning service to perform a heavy-duty turnover at every check-out – right from the offset of becoming an Airbnb host. It’s worth considering mid-stay cleans to maintain the short-term rental.

Here’s how to find the best cleaning company for your Airbnb is something to think about.

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Airbnb cleaning business versus independent cleaner

You can hire a self-employed cleaner or enlist an agency. The former may be suitable if you are renting one Airbnb property on an ad hoc basis although you’ll need a backup for when they’re not available. Check the situation if the cleaner falls ill or needs to cancel a job: do they have a subcontractor or fellow independent professional to put you in touch with?

An agency is a wiser call with multiple properties. As the accommodation marketplace continues to grow, more cleaning businesses are adding an Airbnb turnover service to their portfolio. This type of Airbnb cleaning service should be licensed and insured. Ask about the options for having the same cleaner or cleaning team assigned to your listing(s).

Hire a local Airbnb cleaning service

Whether you enlist an independent cleaner or an Airbnb cleaning company, double-check their location. A cleaner based on the opposite side of town might be cheaper or have a top-notch reputation but that’s no use in a traffic jam.

Start with Airbnb’s official host forum and local Facebook groups for recommendations. Check notice boards in convenience stores, supermarkets, and community centers.

Prioritize an experienced Airbnb cleaning company

Rental properties require a deep and thorough cleaning and a speedy turnover. The best cleaning company for your Airbnb will have specific experience cleaning vacation homes and understand the nuances. A cleaning service targeting domestic or commercial properties might not have the right skill set for a short-term rental place. Seek relevant testimonials on the company website and make further inquiries via email or interview.

Evaluate the communication

Communication is a crucial component of any hospitality business. In fact, how you communicate with guests is another way to secure positive reviews for your Airbnb. As part of the shortlisting process, consider how responsive the Airbnb cleaning company is to your messages and questions. Clarify the booking and invoicing procedure and discuss how the team communicates breakages or general wear and tear. The Airbnb cleaning fee covers a deep clean but damage may be subject to further charges and your cleaner is responsible for keeping a weather eye.

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Know the score with supplies

Some Airbnb cleaning businesses supply products whereas others expect the client to provide these. Confirm this as part of the search process as it impacts your budget. Even if bringing supplies the cleaner will expect such equipment as a vacuum, mop, and broom in the home. You may want to preview the Airbnb cleaning checklist for the types of cleaning products used to see if they align with your ethos. Are they biodegradable? Hypoallergenic? Pet-safe?

Co-devise an Airbnb cleaning checklist

As no two Airbnbs are identical, these unique vacation rentals require a tailored approach to cleaning. An established Airbnb cleaning company should have a basic task list to adapt as per your listing. A typical Airbnb cleaning checklist will include the following duties as part of a turnover service and scheduled – weekly, monthly, annual – upkeep.


  • Clean and sanitize all appliances – oven, microwave, coffee maker, etc
  • Scrub and disinfect all surfaces, tiles, and sinks
  • Wash, dry, and put away dishes
  • Check that shelved crockery and utensils are clean
  • Empty the fridge and cupboard of food waste
  • Regular descaling of surfaces, tiles, and the kettle
  • Routine deep cleaning of inside the fridge and freezer


  • Clean, descale, and sanitize all bathroom fittings, fixtures, and surfaces
  • Wipe the shower curtain/polish the shower screen
  • Scrub and polish steel fixtures
  • Polish mirrors
  • Mop floors
  • Routinely wash/replace the shower curtain
  • Regular dusting and cleaning of vents and extractor fans
  • Wash towels and floor mats – replace as required

Bedroom and lounge

  • Dust, polish, and sanitize all furniture, cupboards, fixtures, and closets
  • Polish mirrors
  • Vacuum and/or mop all floors
  • Vacuum underneath fixtures and down the side of the sofa
  • Dust photo frames
  • Wash and change all bed linens
  • Plump cushions
  • Sanitize television remotes and any smart devices
  • Water plants if applicable


  • Clean, sanitize, and polish door knockers and handles
  • Empty, clean, and sanitize all bins
  • Wash and wipe window sills
  • Sweep corners, door frames, and skirting boards for cobwebs and dust
  • Check and tend to stained carpets and linens
  • Clean and sanitize infant/toddler/pet apparel
  • Sanitize any games, books, or gym equipment
  • General tidying
  • Sweep for forgotten items/lost property
  • Replenish cleaning essentials for guests as per your Airbnb host stocklist in conjunction with yourself or the co-host

Look for transparent pricing

Airbnb cleaning services vary based on the job. The property type plays a role in determining whether an hourly or a fixed price model is the right fit. A company should provide an estimate and outline any additional charges you might be invoiced for. The pricing strategy should be transparent and the fee should be appropriate to advertise on the listing. There’s no average cleaning fee for an Airbnb – these homes come in all shapes and sizes. The best way to get a steer is by researching similar residences in your area.

Do your research

Much like you wouldn’t book the first Airbnb you clicked on, make time to research different cleaning companies. Collate testimonials, compare rate cards, and conduct interviews via email, telephone, or in person. Ultimately the best cleaning company for your Airbnb will be reliable, trustworthy, efficient, and reasonably priced. Once they’ve been through a trial period and familiarized themselves with your property, it should be smooth sailing.

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