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Iceland Will Allow Travelers to Bypass Quarantine and Tests if They’ve Already Had COVID-19

by Eben Diskin Dec 2, 2020

There have not been many upsides to having had COVID-19 — until now. Starting December 10, visitors to Iceland will be exempt from the country’s mandatory quarantine and testing requirements if they can show proof of prior COVID-19 infection.

Right now, travelers from risk areas (which currently covers every country in the world) must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, and take two COVID-19 tests five quarantine days apart. Only when the second test comes back negative are travelers allowed to move around the country freely.

To circumvent these measures, you’ll be expected to show proof of prior infection with documented laboratory results from a lab within the European Economic Area. A confirmation from the chief epidemiologist in Iceland is also acceptable.

This slight relaxation of the rules is an attempt to boost Iceland’s tourism economy over the winter. On December 1, the country temporarily waived fees for testing on arrival (until January 31), in an effort to encourage more people to visit.

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