Photo: ADG PI - INDIAN ARMY/Twitter

Indian Army Claims It Discovered Yeti Footprints in the Himalayas

by Eben Diskin May 1, 2019

An Indian army mountaineering expedition team believes it has stumbled upon footprints belonging to a yeti in the Himalayas earlier this month. On Monday, the army tweeted pictures of the massive footsteps discovered on April 9, 2019, near the Himalayan Makalu Base Camp, which prompted the military men to believe a giant snowman was in the area.

If the numbers in the Tweet are to be believed, 32- by 15-inch footprints are indeed huge, and a bit suspicious, but the photos provided are obviously not proof that the prints belong to a yeti.

Social media was quick to poke fun at the “discovery,” posting its own theories as well as other potential explanations for the footprints.

The legendary creature, thought to look like a large hairy human, has long been thought to reside in the Himalayas, with several “sightings” throughout history, though there has never been any conclusive evidence of the existence of the beast.

H/T: Thrillist

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