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This Infographic Shows 10 Cheaper Alternatives to the Most Popular Cities in Europe

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by Eben Diskin Jun 11, 2018

There’s a reason why the most popular European cities are also the most expensive. As tourism rises, and demand for a city’s attractions increases, so does everything related to it (airfares, restaurants, accommodations, etc.). Many times, lesser-known cities can provide more value for your dollar, and often an even richer cultural experience since they aren’t diluted with tourists. Luckily, MyVoucherCodes has done the work for you, compiling a list of alternative locations for travelers on a budget.

The comparison between Istanbul and Izmir might be the most stark example. To visit the Turkish capital, be prepared to shell out at least $118 for a hotel room per night, while you can stay in the smaller, less touristy, coastal city of Izmir for about $60 cheaper. There are also 5% more restaurants in Izmir classified as “cheap eats”, and a pint of beer costs about half the price of a pint in Istanbul. A similar value can be found in trading London — one of the world’s most expensive cities — for Manchester. You might not get to stand in line for the London Eye or snap photos of the Tower Bridge along with hundreds of others, but you’ll get to experience Manchester’s diverse music scene, catch a Manchester United or Manchester City game, and enjoy far more value when it comes to food, drink, and lodging.

H/T: MyVoucherCodes

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