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Drone Footage Captures ‘Isolation Disco’ Party in Newcastle

by Eben Diskin Apr 2, 2020

Lockdowns around the world have spurred creative ways to fill the time, have fun, and stay connected while remaining safe in isolation. From group workout sessions on apartment balconies to entire neighborhoods coming together in song, social distancing has unexpectedly brought us closer together. In Newcastle, England, hundreds of residents joined in an “isolation disco” to party during the lockdown.

Last week, the residents of South Shields threw a massive impromptu disco dance party to boost their spirits. The residents turned on flashing lights of varying colors in their respective apartments and danced along to 1994 hit “Saturday Night” by Whigfield. The scene was captured by 35-year-old Billy Bone, who flew a drone from his kitchen window to film the neighborhood party.

Bone told the Independent, “It was the first weekend of lockdown and we were bored in the house. I looked out of our window and saw that everyone across the water [in North Shields] was having a party other than us. My girlfriend Rebecca contacted everyone in our apartment block and set up a WhatsApp group and co-ordinated a party. We told them at 8:30 PM to get their disco lights on and play the same song ‘Saturday Night’ and we’re all going to have a big party.”

The “isolation disco” party was such a success that they plan to have one three times a week during the lockdown.

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