Photo: Reuters/Youtube

Italian Mayors Are Losing It and Yelling at People for Ignoring Lockdown Rules

by Eben Diskin Mar 27, 2020

If the public health of your community wasn’t enough of an incentive to stay indoors during this pandemic, maybe mayors yelling at you and threatening you will do the trick. In Italy, Europe’s epicenter of the outbreak, where the lockdown has been in place the longest, mayors and governors around Italy went on TV to discourage people from breaking quarantine and socializing unnecessarily. And by “discourage people,” we mean “scare the living daylights out of people.”

Vincenzo De Luca, Governor of Campania, for example, said, “I’m getting word that someone is having a graduation party, we’ll send in the police. We’ll send them in with a flamethrower.”

Governor De Luca isn’t messing around.

Massimiliano Presciutti, Mayor of Gualdo Tadino, was similarly passionate. “But where the fuck are you going?” he said. “You go and queue up at the post office to recharge your phones, you go and queue up at the ATM machines? Where are you going with these incontinent dogs? You must stay at home!”

“These fucking hairdressers who go from home to home to fix women’s hair, what the fuck are they for?” said Antonio Tutolo, Mayor of Lucera. “What is the damn point? But do you understand that coffins are closed? Who will see all of these beautiful hairstyles in the coffins?”

And it’s not just Italy’s leaders getting frustrated. Mayor Gabe Brown of Walton, Kentucky, wrote on Facebook, “I pray every night that the State, County and region that I love with all of my heart will stop doing nonsensical things. Treat this seriously. If you don’t, then screw you (f#ck you is what I want to say, but I can’t).”

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